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    Hey all, i decided to write a bit of fan fiction for some fun and decided to write it on the very first battle for Mars. No, not when the red planet was ripped apart by Horus's minions, but when Vaul led his legions of eldar against the void dragon! Hope you enjoy. im making this up as i go so it might take a while to get the whole thing down.

    Portal after Portal sprung into existence, crackling discharges of warp energy lashed out blowing asunder thousands of scarabs, massive gantries collapsed in on them selves and jet black data mediums fractured into a glittering rain of crystaline death, and with a howl born from the throats of millions of Eldar the invasion of Mars began. A giant clad in seamless wraith bone with a mask made of intertwined hornes of the same substance was the first out of the portals, psychic flames danced across his armour and a cloak of platnium and gold cord whipped in the psychic gale partly obscuring his body, a mighty war cry was raised that even eclipsed the first battaries of psychic death being unleashed and the collective howl from his soldiers. Vaul, the smith god, had come......

    Wave after wave of psychic might washed over the glittering carpaces of the Void Dragons minions, thousands were being destroyed every second, whole battle groups of necron warriors imploded, wretched in on themselves, advancing monoliths vansished only to reappear in the heart of some distant sun. The carnage was appaling but for all their psychic might many score of eldar were being put to the blade too. Heavy Necron gauss flayers monted in the maws of scuttling war machines burned through hundreds of eldar warriors with every sweep of thier segmented heads, dissolving tissue and wraith bone was sucked into the bellies of thousands of such machines, a thick mist of dissolved eldar was swirling in great banks over the advancing lines of dread Necron war machines, and more was being spewed out every second from slanted ventilator grills mounted on thier backs. Truly the Necrons were the scrouge of the galaxy!

    The Eldar warp portals were still disgorging warriors in thier thousands and millions of necron warriors and war machines were mobilizing from there statis catacombs all across the planet, this battle would surely see the planet torn asunder.

    Many hundreds of miles from the Void Dragon's sensor throne Vaul led his vanguard of ten thousand Eldar warlocks and witches against the Void Dragon's central nexues, melting and smashing uncountable tons of necron sensors, automated factory and repair units, and most of all swarms of necron warriors, Vaul drew ever nearer to the Void Dragons lair. Gigantic juggernauts composed of trillions of microscoptic nanites wrenched themselves out of the smashed infrastructure of the necron mega city dozens of rapid firing gauss flayers mounted on each bipedal monster tracked and fired at the advancing eldar, thousands fell in that first volley, but what was a thousand against the might of Vaul's army? sheets of white lightning craweld across the carpaces of the Necron titans frying the brains of billions of nanites, soon the warmachines of Vaul turned thier wraith cannons on them too, bone singers in the depths of Vaul's land ships conjured barbs of wraith bone that were soon sailing out of perferations in the Land ships hulls. "Ever onward" Vaul Cried, " We'll kill this "star god" and take back this galaxy!!!!!" and his followers heeded him as a bow wave of energy blasted the last of the juggernats into atoms.

    As Vaul lept a smashed assembly line composed of shattered surgical implments and flesh hooks, he took stock of the situation, his warriors were pushing forward but the nightmare that was the Void Dragons Armies were just now bringing thier full wieght against him. the next week would be crucial. Something was wrong..... where was his protectors, not that a 15 foot warp god needed protecting, but still. A string of thunderclaps sorrounded Vaul, and where there was the debris of his impending victory now there was the elite of the necrons forces. Swinging his wraith axe in a brutal back hand he took skull off the first of the necron lords. Twisting on his hip and sliding his front foot out and down he caught and wrenched the gauss glave out of a monster of a machine's claws, following through with a armour clad elbow he proppeled the Necron lord into the path of the firing gauss flayer. With a thought the remaining lords burst into purple falme collapsing in on themselves from the intense heat. Such is the fate of all thier kind thought Vaul.

    Spreading his psychic awarness to encompass the surrounding areas Vaul took stock of the forces currently within 10 miles of him 162,496 eldar warriors fighting for thier lives pushing the necrons ever back, swarms of images were filtered and stored with out Vaul even thinking about it, and from these pictures he saw the reality of the battle being fought to kill one of the last Necron gods; the Void Dragon. In the smashed catacombs below him a phalanx of eldar warriors sent rippling blasts of death into the opposing lines of necron warriors, before charging them with thier psychic halberds. a knot of brave warriors surrounded and cut off by hundreds of necron warriors carrying massive guns with great curving spines , they wouldnt last an hour. every where he looked he saw death and destruction, but he also saw hope for if they failed surely uncountable billions more would perish. If only his brother was here to fight by his side...
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