Come along, you belong, feel the fun of Gorkamorka!

This thread is to document the progress of a very small Gorkamorka campaign. This is a simple in-house campaign between two warbands. In addition, this campaign will be using the alternate rules found in the Battle for Ammoriss supplement called Da' Deff Islands skirmish.

More info can be found in the Battle for Ammoriss sourcebook here:

Section 1 has background and section 2 has various rules.

Anyway, the main difference is the setting. Instead of taking place on the all ork, all desert world of GorkaMorka Da Deff Islands takes place ont he mostly Imperial planet of Ammoriss. In the corners of the planets ocean lies an island chain infested by piratical orks and their human rivals.

This thread will document the progress of a band of ork Morkers and a crew of frisky pirates as they try to become the top of Da' Deff Island food chain.

Krew rosters to come soon...