Im planning on bringing back my Warriors out of the closet and having played a bare minimum of battles with the new Army book since November i was just wondering what kind of tactics/combos people around here tend to use.I have found so far;
35 warriors
5 marauder horsemen
5 old knights
1 chariot
3 dragon ogres+3 ogres
1 giant
1 warshrine
2 sorcerors on foot+2 mounted(one on a steed of slaanesh,one on disc)
1 Sorceror Lord
1 Chaos Lord
1 Daemon Prince
10 Hounds

Any ideas on what could i do with these above???I used to play alot with Hordes of Chaos but I can no longer use any daemon or beast parts that i have

Im willing to discuss any opinion and share any knowledge I have acquired.

Thanks in advance,