Hi Everyone. I Called KR Multicases today and had a really in-depth talk with the owner about an alternative foam insert for Space hulk and Warhammer in general. Most of us have seen Battlefoams offerings and I, as well as many others would be interested in a UK based company that would sell a variant on the design and in fact a more tailor made transport option. A question he asked was if people wanted a specific case that could be used for the figures or an insert to the SH box. Personally I quite like the idea of a specific box for the figures, seeing the amount of generated tiles on this site it's clear that maybe over time the box would become way too packed for everything. I'd like the box just for the tiles. Maybe make a new KR Case that holds the figures and maybe the rule books?? Anyway, he said that he's had a fair few people asking him and he's tried doing a costing for it. He was saying that if enough people pestered him he'd probably have to do something! What I'd say is if enough people showed interest in this thread then hopefully he'd do one! Also it would be worth contacting him, don't be abusive but just show interest.