First off I would like you to know that althought this is a rant it is only my humbe opinion and I would love to hear your.
So here we go:
Fluff:I think the Warriors of chaos are nearly not as chaotic is before.I don't know why they had to take out the daemons.But they did and I can only complain on how the WoC book should have been, not how the two books should be HoC again.

So as Einholt said: "it does not inspire the grim dark or the glory of chaos like the Hordes book did, when you opened that book it was like a tome of chaos a forbidden book. This new one is all like CHAOS IS GLORIOUS and it is so because we just wrote that"

The main problem of the book fluffwise is that you get a book about barbarians from the north with little to no contact with the chaos energy.Some people may like hordes of barbarians but this could be achieved with books without any trouble.

So my take on the book would be: If you don't want daemons in it:fine.But have more mutations for crying out loud.Units like possesed and spawn are useless to semi useless.There should be more of them to achieve a more chaotic feel for the book.

Gamewise: This area is mostly covered from what is said above.Simply enough I think the army list is one-dimensional.I like knights and I like warriors but almost all builds seem to include them.

The army on the battlefield is boring to use most of them because of the tiring movement face.Chosen and warriors are indeed some of the most scary units on the game.But M4 doesn't help much nowdays.It would be better of with say a unit of flyers and a unit of skirmishers (proper possesed come to mind)

What are (if any) your thoughts on this?