A few recent threads having been discussing this particular concept lately. One position is that units must only be balanced within their respective Codices, while others have asserted that every unit must be balanced comparitivley to like units (ones that serve similar functions, etc).

What I find fascinating though, is that this idea is usually only brought up when someone personally disagrees with how cheap something is in another Codex, while another person asserts it's fairness based on the confines of its own Codex.

As an example, many people have been talking about how much a Cult Tzeentchian Terminator would cost. And when they do it's usually compared directly to TH+SS Terminators from the SM Codex. So what happened to the idea of internal balance here?

The poll options were the best I could think of at the time, but I wanted to open a dialogue on this idea for discussion. What do you think about this concept?