its all in the title, but do the collected minds of Warseer think that the power creep that is apparent in this eddition and the previous eddition are intentional.

my personal points aganst it being intentnonal are that they always try to balance the first few armies out; dwarfs, empire and orcs. and things then jsut go up bit by bit.
secondly some armies that come out later in the eddition arn't overtly unbalnced such as Chaos warriors being hard, but not unacceptable.

on the other hand; eacha rmy now is getting harder, and soem with new models are being very over powered such as Deamons.
ironicly the growing propensity of special rules seem to be introduvced just to give the new army soemthing special and hard to counter.

btw don't turn this into a bitching thread, or moan about how your army has been nerfed, and please don't start moaning about how deamons are broken.

so what are your thoughts everyone?