OK a few weeks ago my friend and I decided to do an all infantry fight. No amored tanks or APC's no speeders no cav and no bikes. No arty. NO drop pods. You get the picture. We played on a 4x6 2800 points. standard deployment......with a twist. Night fighting turn one, and six numbered objectives. 3 on his 12" deployment line and 3 on mine. At the end of each turn we rolled a die. Whatever number came up we pulled the obj off. If in another turn we rolled the same number before it was ignored and no obj was pulled.

We really just wanted to get away from the mech list thing (space marines). I gotta say it was a lovely change of pace. The carnage was great. I used things like devsquads and Vanguard! The vanguard took out 2 squads by themselves!

It changed the dynamics and was entertaining. Made us think out of the box! Long story short this game gets fun when you stop uber listing and just make some stuff up a and plop down! I highly recommend giving it a try. Anyone else recently done anything similar to change it up?

BTW all out stuff was painted! Yeeeayah!