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    Quote Originally Posted by VeriNasti View Post
    Was reading one of the extra books and this is what I read -
    Shagrat and Gorbag fight blah blah blah. Shagrat and all his mordor uruks are killed, and Gorbag lives with 3 other orcs. 2 orcs are sent off to expalin to Sauron. Sam comes in, kills the orc and then heads upstairs to kill Gorbag
    Shagrat and Gorbag are both Uruks. In the film version, Gorbag is a small Orc while Shagrat remains a large Uruk.

    In the Return of the King book Shagrat takes the mithril shirt to Barad dur, it's in the timeline section at the back. Shagrat kills Gorbag, then Sam runs upstairs with sting, lunges at Shagrat. Shagrat leaps to one side, avoids Sam, then runs with his new treasure to Barad Dur.

    "He fought with Shagrat and wounded him with a knife, and Shagrat strangled Gorbag and left him for dead. But Gorbag was still alive and he lunged at Shagrat with a broken spear and tried to take the mithril shirt from him. Shagrat stabbed Gorbag in the throat and killed him and then stomped and slashed his body."
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