after a couple of small infanty only battles, I have a couple of people interested in putting together a No Armor Value tournament, probably at 1,000 pts. it started as infantry only, but ended up growing to include everything from MC to bikes to cavalry, so we just agreed on no armor.

in this format, I know that some units/armies might receive an advantage that maybe isn't intented in the rules, and that's fine, but are there any armies that might be put at a significant disadvantage because of this?

as we were talking about it, the one that came to mind immediately was IG, but then the IG player said that would just give him a chance to throw in his ogryns and rough riders that normally get bumped for another LRBT so he was cool with it. is there anybody else we should worry about? we are looking at doing either the old victory points scoring or just last man standing, what do you think about this format? thanks.