So, does GW have the rights to make models for the hobbit films? If so, what sort of new models could we be expecting/looking forward to?

Obviously, we'd be new getting models for the thirteen Dwarves and Bilbo. We'd also get Bard the Bowman and the men of Laketown. And Smaug obviously.

However, I've also heard the new director wants to alter the appearance of wargs, and the trolls in the Hobbit are of course very different. Will we be getting alternative wargs and such-like? Also, I wonder if the reason GW are holding off on the Stone Giants is because the Stone giants will be in the hobbit. If they end up making a 'The Hobbit' line, they'd end up having to change the thing's appearance.

Anywho, I just thought we could discuss this here (or is this topic more of a topic for the modelling sub-forum? If so, I apologise for putting this in the wrong place in advance! )