We are paying customers. Why are our complaints being dismissed as "whining"?

Dear MODS, this thread will derail fast, Iīm sure of it. Yet, I didnīt start it for ***** and giggles, I feel I have a valid issue to bring up as a paying customer for GWs products.
I ask of you not to shut the thread down if it goes downhill, but rather to delete individual postings that contriubte to that.
People disagreeing with my point will resort to calling names quickly, with or without the explicit intent to shut the thread down. Likewise, people agreeing to my point might resort to flaming themselves.

I would like to hear both sides, but in a civil manner.

My gripes with the Codex: Space Wolves 5th edition

At first the biased view of a 40K player:
This is the most unbalanced, untested, mary-sued codex there is and *hopefully* was.
All the īdexes that came out in the last months had something that made you stop and think. Are Vendettas really not too cheap? Didnīt they forget to add 50pts to Vulkan? Did any playtester really build a tricked out Nob Biker mob?
But all in all the codexes were solid. Good upgrades to their predecessors, with some powerbuilds that we came to expect of shoddy GW codex desing. Nothing a reasonable group canīt handle.

Come October and the Wolves.

I fully expected flexible units that are good in hand-to-hand combat and shortrange firefights. But I also expected them to pay the points for that.
40k army lists are about balance. You expect your 1500points army to perform *roughly the same* as another army with the same points, in the hands of a similarly skillfull general. Of cause this can never be 100% true, but does it have to be GLARING?

  • 1.) Wolf (sorry) Grey Hunters for 15points apiece.
    A Tacitcal Marine costs 16points.
    The Grey Hunter has special rules on top of that, including "Counter Charge" that is tailor-made for a unit thatīs Rhino-mounted and drives up close and fires its guns. ALSO, they get up to two special weapons for free (if one is a flamer)! Free.
    This gets me to their ability to take two special weapons. This is absolutely AWESOME and should be worth at least *some* points. The "disability" to take a Heavy Weapon (boo-hoo!) becomes a fat advantage. Nice job. It gets worse if you include the (for loyalists) mandatory Veteran Sergeant. They pay roughly 30points for that model. Space Wolves pay 18points, because thatīs the price for a Wolf Guard before upgrades.
    All in all the best troop (screw that, say: UNIT) in 40k. While not paying the points for it, compared to almost similar units in other armies.

  • 2.) Wolf Guard:
    Seriously. 18points. Please compare to price of naked Vanguard, Honour Guard, etc.
    With the best tailoring options in all army lists (this alone being not too OP) and being able to be assinged to almost all units in the codex.
    Those could easily be 10points more and still be worth it.

  • 3.) Long Fangs:
    They pay Tactical prices for their heavy weapons. People defending this will say: "But they donīt have ablative wounds, each casualty will be expensive!"
    This doesnīt add up.
    First, they get a superior fire-splitting rule. Second, regular marinesī weapons donīt get cheaper if you donīt buy ablative wounds.
    Hey but they CAN , right? Thanks for walking into my little trap: why then are Wolf Guard not much more expensive? They have the OPTION to upgrade to hell and back.

  • 4.) Wolf Claws:
    Since when are wolves renowned for their slashy claws? Fangs, yes ...
    "Mary Sue me some wargear".

  • 5.) Thunderwolf Riders:
    I have massive problems with those.
    Many players dont. But ask yourself: if you dont have problems with them, but they make 2 out of 10 players lose their ****, in a games system that has space elves who dance around in polka dot jumpsuits and shoot killy wire,maybe there might be something a little wrong with them?
    Oh and Iīm not even talking about a model with cavalry movement that gets a load of attacks and has TRUE toughness of 5 (why is that? because the wolf is going to wield the powerfist if the marine riding it is being pulverised by a Melta?)

    Also, this is the most obvious "screw you" from GW that I ever saw: they donīt even produce a regular model for the unit. They produce an accordingly priced Character! Yes, yes, many will use counts-as to use other models, but GW aims at the little kids with big-purse parents! They will buy the **** out of Canis to make units.

  • 6.) Wolf Guard Terminators canīt teleport:
    I was actually laughing and crying when I read that. No they canīt. Fat disadvantage, huh?
    So, to make up for that a little, they get Drop Pods.
    Let that sink in.
    An option every other Marine chapter would pay their left hand to get is concealed as a disadvantage.

  • 7.) Space Wolves Psychic Powers:
    īnuff said ...
    They went from "We hate the witch " to "Farseer, come here and say that again!"
    Lash of Submission is abusable.
    Jaws Of The World Wolf (BUY MORE TRANSPORTS, SUCKERS!) and Murderous Hurricane (weīll give them something that helps against opponents that want to get close and opponents that want to run away!) arenīt abusable, their intended use is devastating against some armies. Njalīs "Lord of Everything" isnīt even a psychic power and is potentially as powerful as Lash at first glance!

Those are my major gripes.
That is even discouting the "wolf in front of everyting" policy, that shows how imaginative the codex designer was. "Canis Wolfborn", that name alone makes one cringe, ... even my toenails curl ...

As said, Iīm a customer of GWīs products, I feel I have to bring this up.
I didnīt feel it for the last codex releases.
I fear, FEAR what will become of my beloved Blood Angels, if theyīre really up next after the Tyranids. I donīt want to feel cheap for winning a game. I donīt even want to think that my opponent could have bought that additional Landspeeder that could have won him the game, if only the units were costed appropirately.

I feel the Codex: Space Wolves was a major ass-pull or a result of executive meddling. In the short time since release weīve had a load of threads where Marines, Chaos Marines, Squats, Orks were proposing to use that for their army list (though Iīm waiting for the first Eldar to do so).

When you have rules for some game system, and everyone prefers one rule over the others, itīs a sure sign that it is imbalanced.