Hi all, I've been thinking about this for a while and am wondering if many people still play demon hunters, witch hunters or deathwatch (aka alien hunters)? I ask as I don't see many in my area or online for that matter.

I am a huge inquisition fan and love their background and imagery but imho their army lists don't match this (even when they were newly released).

I would love a new codex -dare I say it a combined inquisition dex with new plastic minis (especially GK's and Deathwatch). I know that Marine armies are popular and having been involved since Rogue Trader days I have had a few marine armies myself and understand that they probably make up 40-50% of sales, but I am sure with some love the inquisition sales could rise significantly.

I also realise that Dark Eldar and Necrons need new dexes as well but the inquisition is nearly as old and they never released the third book- Alien Hunters.

Anyway I just wanted to know other peoples thoughts and if they feel the same?