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Thread: Codex Creep passed over the IG?

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    Codex Creep passed over the IG?

    After buying and reading the new SW codex all I can say is that I feel very cheated as an IG player. I cant belive how cheap the standard troops are, its just insane. I would like to compare a SW to a normal IG guardsman and tell me if you think all that it for 10pts you really get a steal. Remember that a guardsman is suppose to be the backbone of the IG army with armor to support it and should be a very good option for the price.

    SW Bonuses:

    Krak grenades
    +1 WS
    +1 STR
    +1 INIT
    +1 Toughness
    +2 Armor Save
    +1 Leadership
    +1 BS
    +2 AP for weapon
    A bolter and Pistol/CC weapon
    Free Special Weapons even a plasmagun at 10 models (and cheaper to upgrades to other ones)
    Acute Senses
    Counter Attack
    And They Shall Know No Fear

    Now the way I figure it is that if each upgrade costs only 1 point then each GW should cost about 21 pts to compare to the guardsmen. Im not saying that a guardsmen should rock or anything but WTF I think its almost a crime how over costed they are compared to any SM or espeically a SW. And please dont say orders even close to make up for it with very short range, using low leadership, and requring a second unit to make it work. Where is the army wide rule for IG?? Why didnt Vox's come free, grenade launchers for free, or even krak grenades.

    How did army creep pass the IG codex so badly? I know that there are a few great options in the codex but some Vendetta wont win you the game troops will. The IG codex was an upgrade from the previous one but it was the worst one out there and lets face it most of us played it for fun and a challange to win with because it wasnt competitive at all.

    I know some of you will say you cant judge the army in a vacuum but I will tell you that the basic infantry model in any army should be the backbone/baseline for any list or codex to diverge from. True the armor of the IG is very good but it is very expensive and if you want to flood the field with it then you have to take squadrons which has severe drawbacks. (why didnt they just give us more slots like they did for the SW HQ).

    An all or mostly infantry list really isnt that competitive with IG, if your not mech heavy you wont very competitive. A troop heavy list should be competitive in ANY army list or codex!!
    Anyways what do you guys think did the IG miss the Codex Creep boat?
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