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    True multilevel Mission 12

    Pulled out my kid's K'nex and made a true multilevel Mission 12. Played against my 8 year old (who wins about 60% of the time!). The Broodlord had not yet been revealed at the point the photos show, which explains why all 4 of my termies are still alive!

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    Playing with upper level actually above the lower level really added a twist to the game as Genestealers were able to move either up or down with ease. My Librarian took a fall on a ladder and my assualt cannon fell, used a command point to climb back up, and promptly fell again on the ladder role! I did not tempt fate again that turn by giving him any more command points.

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    Since this worked out so well, we might do TheSill's 3 level "The Tomb" mission.

    Forgot to mention how we did the doors. When a door was opened, we laft the bas in place and just set the door aside. If a door was destroyed, then we removed the base and door.

    Also, we stuck a small piece of blue-tack under each ladder tile to keep it in place.

    It took a little time to engineer the K'nex to support the upper level and keep any tiles from wobbling, but it was worth it I think. It's a lot easier having the ladder tiles lined up vertically then trying to visualize a vertical plan on 3 levels layed out side by side.

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