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    UK WD 314 Feedback thread

    Just got mine through the post, only flicked through it so far, seems good, i'll post a better review when I have had a chance to read it properly.

    EDIT: proper review

    LOTR is first this month (no surprises why)

    First part is collecting Easterling themed armies, seems a bit old hat, but most LOTR stuff doe to me.

    Easterlings v.s. Gondor Batrep with Sillygorn: The evil army looks good, i'll give them that (though Gav is in control of the Good army ) with a grand total of 20 cavalry model, including Khamul.

    Good ppoint about this is the LOTR batreps have adopted the style of the other systems ones, with them listing the armies advantages and disadvantages at the start.

    Murin and Drar painting guide: looks a little sloppy IMO, considering these are Eavy Metal figs.

    Build guide for an Easterling Castle (anything scenery wise is good IMO)

    Gondorian army feature

    Mordheim is up next, with a small "preview" and a couple of pages of some NPC Priests of Morr, then an intro to the gangs people are using, a la the Necromunda one a few months back


    Dwarf Tactica

    Artillery showcase: The Rock Lobba conversion is by far my fave out of the lot

    Slayer painting guide

    Tactica Unbreakable (wow 2 tactica articles in one issue, go WD!)

    Warhammer Chornilces: the Revolting Moot


    Marshals of the BT, features a rather nice Lysander conversion

    Chapter Approved: Son of Creature Feature, not as good as I had hoped, with many of the creatures being re-hashs from the last one (Croatalids, Catachan Devil) only take up 4 pages as well

    Creature Feature Missions

    Necron Lord Tactica: 2 pages, with one filled with pictures, bit of a waste of space IMO

    Tau preview: nothing we have not seen on here

    Golden Demon showcase: Victoria Lamb

    Exalted Daemon of Tzeentch conversion

    Overall i'll give this issue a 5/10. There's been much much better, but a lot of this seems to be filler (moreso than usual).
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