Hi all,

I'm making a campaign book, featuring missions based on those available as part of the Deathwing capaign from the PC/Amiga Space Hulk game by EA. This will be fan made, freely distributed, appropriate credits given etc.

I'm getting close to being finished (not imminently, but close enough to be considering aesthetics, rather than content). However, I want to know what I need to do to ensure that this book is not going to have any issues being distributed - eiter legally or here on Warseer and other forums.

So, what things can/can't I do? I run a games club, and the GCN lets you use GW copyrighted images for the purposes of advertisement as long as appropriate copyright disclaimers are in place. So is it ok to use GW images, as long as the copyright disclaimer is in place? After all, it will have images of the board sections, as it's been mapped using CRasterImage's TileSystem set. People have edited and released new varients of those, counters and tracking sheets with no issue, as far as I can see anyway. How about screenshots from the EA game?

And just generally, how should it look? Should it look like a supliment to the official rules, or VERY different? Would a predominantly black front cover, with SPACE HULK long the top and an appropriate central image be ok, or not?

I want this to look good, and in keeping with the current Space Hulk release - but how close can I go before I might get warned off?

Any advice you can offer would be very much appreciated!