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    Full Blood Angels 2nd Company by ilikebmxbikes

    After a year or so break, I am back. The last project I worked on before I paused was a blood angels tactical and command squad. I decided to pick that project up and complete the entire blood angels second company. My goal is to paint a squad a week, all at a very high painting standard. I will only be using space marine bare heads from the Masters of the chapter box set. These heads are smaller than the plastic ones and I think make the space marines look a bit more in the proportions of the artwork in the codexes. If anyone has master of the chapter heads or needs SM plastic heads without helmets or SM masters of the chapter bits (minus the heads), let me know.

    Table of Contents:

    Command Squad

    Yellow Helmet Tutorial

    Second Tactical Squad

    Scout Squad

    Furioso Dreadnought 1

    Vulkan Hestan



    Baal Predator 1

    Commissar Yarik & Flesh Tutorial

    Blood Champion Update

    Additional Honour Guard

    Rhino 1

    Terminator Assault Squad 1

    More Scouts

    Commander Dante

    10th Company Captain

    Land Raider MK2B

    Abaddon the Despoiler

    Sanguinary Priest 1 w/ Jump Pack

    Death Company and Chaplain

    Robe and Cloth Tutorial

    ARMY PIC JULY 2010


    Tactical Squad 3

    Death Company Razorback

    Armageddon Steel Legion Command Squad

    Thunderhawk Crew and Steel Legion Leman Russ

    Devestator Squad 1 part 2

    Sternguard Veterans

    Tactical Squad 4

    Lugft Huron of the Astral Claws

    Rhino 2


    Baal Predator 2


    Red Scorpions Honour Guard and Tactical Squad

    Red Scorpions Rhino

    Red Scorpions Captain

    Red Scorpions Command Squad

    Red Scorpions Venerable Dreadnought

    Red Scorpions Army Shot Dec 2010

    Red Scorpions Tactical 2

    Red Scorpions Razorback

    Terminator Squad 2

    Red Scorpion Commander Carab Culln

    Tactical Squad 5

    Astral Claws

    Corien Sumatris

    Assault Squad 2 part 1

    Astral Claws Sternguard

    Astral Claws Attach Bike

    Astral Claws Company Banner

    Vindicator 1

    With rumors of the new codex coming out, I was a bit hesitant to start the army now, as there would likely be changes that would either require me to go back and change units or outdate my models, by bringing new plastics into the line and updating the armylist... But I decided to do it anyways. I want to build this army as how I see blood angels, how I have seen them the past ten years being involved in the hobby. Some of the new 'upgrade' sprues and can make an army look tacky or over-cluttered with blatant iconography. So I start.

    Please note, these figures are all works in progress and I dont have a proper painting space yet. I am using my computer/work space. photos will will improve as the painting log progresses. They all have no matt coat on them either- so they are very glossy.

    Sanguinary Priest

    Space Marine Captain WIP- Should I go gold armor or Red???? Suggestions Welcome

    Company Standard WIP-
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