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    Legio XVI - Sons of Horus

    The Assault on Yarant

    The Undying Retribution descended into orbit arround Yarant. Captain of the 5th Company Sons of Horus, Horus Aximand, surveyed the command bridge. Busy teams of the ships bridge crewmen and officers worked to stabilise the ship as it fell into orbit around the planet. Through the bridge window he could see the smoking ruins of the planetry defenses as they descended to the planet, igniting in the atmosphere, send crashing to the planet. Entry to the Yarant system only lasted a short 45 minutes as the ships guns unleashed a devestating salvo of torpedos and other munitions towards the defenses, ripping them asunder in seconds. The fleet commander strode towards Aximand. "lord, we have successfully entered orbit around Yarant.". He considered this for a moment, then replied "Well done commander, ready the bombardment cannons and await my orders". With this the commander acknowledged his order, turned and strode back towards the group of other officers, quickly barking out orders, dispersing the group to their own priorities. Aximand turned of his heel and marched to go join the rest of the 5th company on the embarkation deck.

    Within minutes, the skies were alight with fire, as the Undying Retribution unleashed its heavy bombardment guns on the doomed planet below. After half an hour of bombardment... It began to rain...

    but not with water...

    ...Hundreds of Drop Pods filled the skies above Yarant, as the 5th Company descended into hell...

    Captain Amit of the IX Legion, Blood Angels stared at the skies, predicting what would happen next. In the times that he had fought alongside his XVI Legion brothers, the common Assault tactic was a Prelimary Bombardment followed by a devestating speartip assault at the heart of the enemy. No enemy has ever recovered from one of these devestating assaults, this, and the cold feeling of fighting against those he once called brothers, felt a terribly Human shiver down his spine. He turned on his heel and strode towards the gathered mass of defenders, armoured in blood red astartes plate, bolters in hand, eager for battle against these traitors to the Emperor.

    Suddenly the skies lit up, ignited with fiery trails of the dreaded assault pods of the Sons of Horus, they descended in their hundreds, leaving trails of fire in their wake. 2nd company captain of the blood angels, captain Amit suddenly felt fear, there were hundreds of them, survival here was impossible, not against these odds, it was suicide! Amit then felt relief as his mind filled with images of his heroic Primarch and sudden courage, to fail here was to fail his Primarch. As long as they had their beloved primarch at their head, the Blood Angels would never falter, never surrender. The high pitched scream of the drop pods closing in on their position filled his ears but he was riled up now. How dare these traitor turn their back on the Emperor! The scream only got louder as it approached, he could barely hear himself think. He looked to the sky, and just caught sight of the pod as it slammed into the ground and the doors burst open, unleashing the Sons upon their foe. Amit felt his fury rise at the sight of these traitors. He rose up and roared a battle cry, charging with the fury of the primarch towards these traitors. "Blood Angels! For Death and Glory, For The Emperor, For Sanguinius!"...

    A roaring volley of bolter fire erupted from the Sons of Horus, before they dropped their bolters, drew their combat blades and charged. "For the Glory of the Warmaster! Lupercal! Lupercal! Lupercal!
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