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Thread: Help me with a laptop decision!

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    Help me with a laptop decision!

    Currently, I own a Toshiba Satellite laptop that, for a number of reasons, I've chosen to replace. The biggest factor, however, is that it's too large and heavy. It's got a 15" screen and it weighs near 7 or 8 pounds, which is all well and good at home on my desk, but it does a number on my back when I'm carrying it around at school (being a full time university student).

    Thus, my main requirement is that the new laptop have a long battery life and most importantly, be thin and light.

    Anyways, after doing some research I've narrowed my potential purchases to these two candidates.

    The Dell Inspiron 700m and Apple iBook G4. Both have 12" screens (the Dell is a widescreen) and weigh under 5 pounds. Unfortunately, since the Dell will run me about $1850 (CAN), and the iBook about $1425 (CAN), it's currently becoming more and more evident that I'll have to go with the ibook. I'm only working a moderately paying summer job, so yes, price is a factor.

    In terms of what I'm using it for, it's mainly for basic surfing, word processing, music/video, and the odd game or two (although I turn to my PS2 for the real gaming). I'm a full time university student, and so I need it for typing notes, writing papers, etc. I don't run Photoshop, high system requirement games, or any other processor intensive software. However, this could just be because of my current system's lack of speed; with a more capable system I might be inclined to use more programs than I do currently. This being said, though, I think the 256 MB of RAM and 30GB hard drive of the 12" ibook should do fine for me for the time being. I can always upgrade the RAM and buy an external HDD, anyway.

    The iBook, however, is a Mac, and I have zero experience when it comes to using them. I use an HP USB printer, and a Creative Labs Muvo USB mp3 player. Are these compatible with it? Are there any other Mac specific issues that I should be aware of? What's the learning curve going to be like for a born and bred Windows user like me, who's never touched a Mac, much less used one? What about programs like MSN messenger, etc? Are there Mac equivalents, or even better, ways to use these Windows program on the Mac?

    It's a mouthful of questions, yes, but the gist is this: with the above in mind, is the ibook G4 a good choice, and will it fulfill my needs sufficiently?

    So I guess what I'm asking for is help in this decision. Any help at all would be appreciated, especially from people who own an ibook.

    Thanks in advance,

    -Mobius One.
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