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Thread: Starting Warmaster, which army is good to start with?

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    Starting Warmaster, which army is good to start with?

    I am starting Warmaster from something like next month unless I suddenly get money.

    I have had two games, done a lot of research and know a good deal about theoretic gameplay and so on.

    I have played Chaos and Undead. Before I played Undead, I was dead sure pun intented) that I wanted them to be by army, but the fact that they can't move at all if not given an order... That kind of turns me off.

    Chaos was fun, that's always a back-up since I've always loved Chaos dearly and I have tried starting a Fantasy Chaos army several times without luck.

    Now, I only want to buy one army, so I want to make sure it's the right one!

    I want an army which has a good mix of shooting and close combat. They should preferrably have both 'normal' units and rock-hard tough units (4+ hits!). They should ideally have access to Monsters. I can't be bothered with, for example, Orcs, with their command of 8. I just wouldn't be able to make it work for me.

    Dark Elves
    High Elves
    Orcs & Goblins
    Vampire Counts

    The red ones are right out the window.
    Now, what can you recommend? I can give a quick overview of why I like the above.

    Chaos - They have everything I want! Except for shooting... They can make both large armies (Marauders, Harpies) and small elite ones (Warriors, Knights, etc.). The minus is, though, that they aren't anything out of the ordinary. Nothing about them says "YAY! PICK ME! ME! ME!" to me. I mean, sure the models are very nice and all, but... Can't really explain this one.
    Daemons - These are nice, since I also used to play Daemons in Fantasy (trying to stop...). They don't have much variety, though, and no shooting. They're probably out too, but they have such nice models.
    Dark Elves - They're on this list because they're deliciously evil and can both shoot and fight well in combat and are diverse.
    Dwarves - I think Dwarves are awesome because I think it could be interesting to play the good guys for once. They are also very resilient, can shoot very well and can fight in close combat very well.
    High Elves - Same deal as for the Stunties.
    Lizardmen - Interesting army, cool models. Weird command system, which I find to be a turn-off for me. They do both have squishy shooty stuff (Skinks), good and resilient CC stuff (Saurus, Temple Guard) and Monsters (Kroxigor, Stegadon).
    Skaven - These models are very nice and I like the feel of the army. They have all the advantages of the Lizardmen, plus they have all manners of weird contraptions.
    Undead - I really, really like the look of this army. They have Skeletons, Sphinxes, Bone Giants, a Tomb King and all sorts of stuff! But the fact that they can't move unless given an order is a big turn-off for me... Maybe if they could move at Half Pace, but can't move at all? I don't get that one. They play nice overall anyway, though.

    What would you suggest me to play? I will take anything into consideration

    Thanks in advance!
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