hi guys,

so when i went to GD italy I talked a thing like 10 mins with Alessio Cavatore and I asked him about codex necron if I could expect it for 2010 for august this is what he said to me ' not immediatly but yes it will come out' then when Alessio was doing the public presentation a guy near me asked ' why do you do Tyranids and BA and you don't look to races that really need a codex as necrons?' after this question there has been a general applause of about 30 seconds. Alessio so responded this 'well we did tyranids because as a miniature range they needed a re-pass necrons as miniatures aren't so bad (not true) but we are putting them as one of the races with the top priority so you could expect them'

So after this day I had a complete confirmation of necrons being released in 2010 (because GW works with a year of anticipation so Alessio was basically saying they are working on them whilst he was talking with me because if not he would have said not possibly or things like that) and partial confirmation of necrons in the summer but the rumor wasn't so solid ot post it in the GD italy topic.

Now I have a solid rumor to be posted in the rumor section, one of these days a guy who is a big piece of Gw italy came to my local GW store because he would have worked there for that day. I talked with him for some mins and he said to me that at a meeting he had in the past days with a GW UK head he could say that necrons will be released in summer between june and july.

So I cannot confirm with the perfect confidence but at a pretty 90% we could expect the necrons this summer and this is no more whishlist but a true and solid final rumor. I'm having my fingers crossed till another 100% confirmation will come out.