I know that Wood Elves are a few years away, I was in the mood to think up things I would like to see in the next army book.

Basically all of the models are great. The only things that I don't like are warhawk riders. I don't like that the elves 'surf' on the warhawks and the elves look a bit off anyway. I'd like to see them redone in plastic; a box of 3 for $35 would be good. The treekin and treeman models I would also like to be redone in plastic. That way you can customize something that should be very organic and not clones. A new eagle is a must. They could also redo Eternal Guard in plastic but it's not really necessary. I think the models are ace.

In terms of new units, a spite swarm might be kind of interesting. Other than that I can't really think of anything.

Kindreds need an overhaul. Most are way too expensive and not allowing magical weapons to combo with them makes them near worthless. I could go either way on keeping them and making them more viable or scrapping them altogether. The only one I ever get is Alter anyway.

Waywatchers could stand to be a little cheaper also. I like their abilities I just think they're a tad overpriced when you can use the spot to get another treeman or a great eagle instead. Both are better options.

Anyone else have any thoughts?