Just wondering what would be everyone's top five favorite plastic WFB sets, based on how much you like them rather than how well they might perform on the battlefield. Can be infantry or a single figure and can be in production or discountinued. Here's mine:

1. Wood Elf Dryads: Thoroughly impressive combinations of poses. The kit has two sets of Spites in branches and a free-standing Owl that all appear three times in the set. Many of the limb branches can also be used for scenic bases or terrain pieces. This set is almost worth it for all the useful pieces, even if you don't play WE.

2. Empire Militia: Technically, I prefer the Mordheim Militia set for the extra accessories sprue, but this one is also really good. Lots of variety for poses and most of them can be used for Champions in other units. To some degree, this set would also be useful for minis in an RPG setting, as well.

3. Lizardmen Stegadon: Very involved set that is completely worth it once finished. I don't even play Lizards, but I had to get this once I saw the combinations and design. One of the best constructed figures and pretty challenging.

4. Grave Guard: Simple, yet striking in appearance. Mine have just a basic paint-job and they still look great, plus they're easy to assemble. A big improvement over the previous metal figures.

5. Black Orcs: Very nice to see some variety compared to the old static, metal figures (though they did have some charm in their own right). Extra bits like weapons and shields are great. Again, alot of variety for poses. Excellent for Warbosses and the like.