I've been wanting to start a Brettonian Army for some time, but unfortunatley I'm not that keen on the GW minis for this army. So I've not got around to building one, then I saw that Perry Miniatures are releasing in time for Xmas War of the Roses troops in plastic.



My first reaction was, they'd make great alternatives to the current Brettonian minis, and at 15 for a box of 40 with command, I could put together a huge infantry army, a far cheaper price than with GW infantry.

The box contains 40 infantrymen, including four fully armoured command, and parts to allow you to build up to 30 archers and up to 18 billmen. Archers can be constructed shooting/nocking or advancing, whereas billmen can be either standing ready or advancing/attacking. There are also a random selection of flags in each box, eight for either the battle of Wakefield, Towton or Bosworth. Unit bases are included, as well as a guide to liveries plus 26 shown in colour.

I still plan to use some of the GW Knights, such as the Green Knight, Battle Pilgrims, Trebuect and Brettonian Lord with great weapon.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen them and had similar thoughts, I could also make use of them for historical wargaming as well.