Hi guys, it's not often i do this, but i'm looking for advice, I'm at the stage in my hobby career where i've tried virtually every army out there over the past 20 years and now i've decided which army is for me - Elysians, i had a 1500 elysian army 3 years ago, but ha to sell it off due to moving from one end of the country to another, and in that time, i amassed a large Cadian Army, Ork army, Space Marine army and also some bits and bobs for WFB, I've tried here, and a few other forums to try and sell my stuff, and also ebay, but i still have tonnes of stuff left.

So how would you guys go about getting rid of your excess stuff so you have the money and space to start the 1 project that i really enjoyed in the past and want to go back to (albeit from scratch)?