so for some time I have been wanting to play an all bike army but I really cant decide on which one to settle on. here are the choices I have come up with and a list of pros and cons, let me know if you think I have overlooked anything and tell me which army you would choose and why, thanks.

White Scars
- Great paint scheme
-marine durability

- i already have 2 other marine armies

-great new models
-really good close combat
-never played an ork army(something different)
-lots of conversion potential

-one trick pony (they do one thing and do it well, games may get stale after a while)

Saim-Hann Eldar
-extremely fast and maneuverable
-very durable
-lots of shooty shooty
-good close combat potential with spears

-old models
-more expensive bikes than the other armies
-would require lots of conversions for farseers and warlocks