I have a game coming up tuesday, 2875 points. Normal building with 1 restriction, you have to use the over all army leader (with the exception of dwarves, I guess you need to play a 3200+ game?). Looking at the armies I'm thinking over, just who is the head guy in a daemons book if you had to pick?
How about tomb kings? I know settra is THE king, but there is also the high heirophant, and khalalia (I know I spelled that wrong, the asp queen).
There are just 4 of us playing, drawing straws to see who we play against, I know the empire player has to run Karl Franz, the lizard player was haveing to decide between Kroak and Mazduni (the Slaan on the stegadon), the Orc and Goblins player had chosen Grom (if he can show up) and our Bret player the king.