After reading someones post about GW and the release of rumours it got me thinking. Because of the lack of solid rumours or even GW giving out previews of the Tyranids release in January 2010, I am not as excited anymore as I was when i herd they would be released in January 2 months ago or so.

Well espically in this day and age of the economy, I have to plan for big purchases. All I can plan for now is a codex. I can't plan for purchesing anything else since I do not know what I want. If GW wants me to be spending my money now, I will have no money to be spending when Tyranids are released. Even if I wanted to spend my money now, I can't. I can't buy a battleforce box, I can't buy gaunts, I can't even buy a codex. (well I have it, but it's just wierd that we can't buy anything now even if we wanted to)

So for me at least, all I can say is GW will be getting only $35 from me in January because, I can't plan to be buying anything else, since I don't know what is going to be released. GW releasing a pic of a Tyranid with tenticals, got me excited for all of 5 minutes. I don't know what it is. I don't know how I can use it. I don't even know if it's a must have to be in an army. So I can't plan on saving money for it. So since I can't plan for anything, I will not be buying anything.

I guess GW dosn't care for what I think, because they might think, there are 1000 other people for ever person who is like me, so they will be getting their money no matter what. I just want to see if I am alone here. Someone who was excited but no longer in the Tyranid release. I am still interested in the release but not as excited as I was once, and now can't spend any money on it once it's released.

So my question to you guys, are you planning to be spending lots and lots of money on Tyranids on release month or will you be giving GW very little money?