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    Re: Tyranid Rumour summary Mark III

    Just quickly harking back to the topic of the Pyrovore, regardless of language, any text associated with the Pyrovore on the GW site (blog and product description) talks about "dripping acid" or "acidic mucous". I haven't seen anywhere where it says that it has any kind of projectile weapon associated with its mouth/acid, only the flaming/fireballs from the dorsal cannon.


    Okay, a bunch of new stuff to share with you all thanks to a very nice ninja. First up just a few expanded/clarified/interesting near direct quotes from the product brief...

    "Codex: Tyranids contains a whole new set of creatures that are not yet covered by Citadel Miniatures. Enthusiastic players will want to create their own Tyrannofex or Tervigon with the help of the descriptions and images from the bestiary. (The product brief advises that) these can be assembled from a combination of parts of the Carnifex, Trygon and Tyranid Monstrous Arms Bitz Pack."

    "Tyranid Warriors - Can be converted to an Alpha Warrior, a Tyranid HQ, which is ideal to lead a growing army of Tyranids or support a Hive Tyrant in its task. (The product brief advises that) you can combine the Tyranid Warriors kit with the new plastic Raveners to represent an Alpha Warrior."

    "Trygon - Many parts of this kit are compatible with the Carnifex, enabling customers to create their own Tyranid monstrosities. In addition to the entry in Codex: Tyranids, there is also the option for Trygon with Ravener Brood 'Tunnel Swarm' formation for Apocalypse."

    "Mawloc - Special rule is called 'Terror from the Deep' and it can 'smash defenses'." (This may just be flowery descriptive text rather than necessarily in-game function)

    "Pyrovore - Are melee monsters that devour their enemies, breaking down the biomass of their victims and then transforming it into a powerful acid attack (in the form of a flamer template)."

    And some pics. Army spread and Codex spread (these are just preview pics so not great quality) and catalog pic of the 'new' Spore Mines Bitz Pack brings our outstanding product shots to a close.... ahhhh. Amazing that it was 2 1/2 months ago that I first posted that product code!
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