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    Your most spectacular win

    I haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy Battles since at least the 5th edition, so my memory is a little sketchy but I will always remember playing my mate who was also a GW staff member. He would always play undead with the mighty unstoppable Nagash. I on the other hand liked to ponce it up somewhat with my haughty High Elves but I could never win a battle. Perhaps it was the scenery set up he would always fix up before I turned up at his house prior to every battle or perhaps my skills were just not as good as his, but I always failed and miserably. :cries:

    Well one day the wormed turned and quite spectacularly as it turned out. We had decided to amass our forces and fight a 5000 point battle. From what I remember I had the usual set up of archer – spear block formations with Phoenix guard and a unit of Sword masters. I had a few repeater bolt throwers thrown in for good measure and Tyrion on horse back. I had opted for a High Elf Sorceress on a unicorn which placed on my right flank.

    Opposing me I remember I had Arkhan the black placed smack bang in the middle of his lines with his huge mighty chariot, which was pretty scary. Even scarier still was Nagash whom he placed on his left, opposite my Sorceress. I had in previous battles thrown everything at Nagash bar the kitchen sink and none of it ever did any good, not for me at least!

    So the game began with my opponent, my mate, getting the first turn. He rolled everything up as expected, as far as it would go towards my lines. To my horror during the magic phase he managed to teleport Nagash with in poking range of my High Elf Sorceress. I gulped, then I gulped some more, as I could see High Elf kebabs before my eyes and then the inevitable roll up my flank! :cries:

    Usually I cursed my dice rolls, which defied any logical mathematical equation and I usually rolled pants. But to my great amusement my High Elf Sorceress cast some purple orb spell that I forget the name of, the one from the Amethyst range, the one that every one tried to get from what I do remember well. Well she cast this nifty little spell right on top of Nagash who proceeded to fail his armour and ward saves or whatever it was he had and he had mighty armour and mighty abilities to stay alive. Fantastically he died in an instant.

    Unfortunately for me Arkhan the black was still alive and keeping the majority of the undead army up and animated so I gulped a bit more much to the amusement of my mate! However, my turn! Every Elf with a bow or behind a bolt thrower took careful aim up the centre of his line and whammy, Arkhan the black became the biggest undead pin cushion I’ve ever seen. The rest of the army crumbled bar one lone necromancer and some zombies! haha

    The short of it was a 5000 point game. High Elves Vs Undead with Arkhan the black and Nagash combined. A complete massacre. Not only did all the Elves survive but not one of them moved a footing and it was still turn one! The look on my mates face was priceless and I remember it to this day!

    So what were your biggest most spectacular wins to date?
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