Hello all,

Having bought space hulk when it came out I now have a fair amount of corridor fighting behind me.

What strikes me is that on these boards (and elsewhere) I've mostly heard that playing marines is the tough part and that winning with the blood angels often doesn't happen. My personal experience is totally the opposite, me and my gaming buddy have had mostly wins with our space marine teams, so there must be something we're doing wrong when we play with the stealers.

This brings me to my question, how do you all play with the genestealers?

I'm finding it really hard to penetrate a corridor that's been covered with overwatch, I've tried flooding a corridor with 6-8 stealers, but me and my gaming buddy always seem to have the odd command point available for jams, so in 90% of the cases we're able to hold of a genestealer attack.

Maybe it takes more carefull planning of genestealer attacks? or is just 6-9 stealers not enough to penetrate an on overwatch defense line? Is the genestealer turn more about profiting from space marine mistakes?

I'm pretty sure we're not doing anything wrong ruleswise.
-Overwatch gives you shots for every stealer that moves within LOS of a marine on overwatch
-Sustained fire only counts for the second shot on the same model

Tell us your experiences with playing Genestealer. I'd be delighted.