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  • Lord Macragge

    6 5.08%
  • Cato Sicarius

    3 2.54%
  • Tigurius

    1 0.85%
  • Cassius

    2 1.69%
  • Pedro Kantor

    17 14.41%
  • Lysander

    9 7.63%
  • Shrike

    11 9.32%
  • He'stan

    42 35.59%
  • Khan

    4 3.39%
  • (ran out of room) Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, MotF

    23 19.49%
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Thread: Who do you think is the best Space Marine HQ?

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    Who do you think is the best Space Marine HQ?

    Just for the record, I searched this first.

    Anyways, when I joined the 40K hobby/game, I went with the Crimson Fists, and from there, directly with Pedro Kantor without ever checking the rest of the choices. And now, 6ish months later, I finally take a look at them all, and find that all are very nice options, both in fluff and strength.

    So I was wondering what your favorite Space Marine HQ and how you use them?

    edit: also, I'm not sure if all these guys are in production. or if a modle even exists. (Macragge?)

    And one more thing:
    Do you guys think there should by an emperor modle? some epic dude
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