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Thread: Lone Marine - Colour / Chapter Selection?

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    Lone Marine - Colour / Chapter Selection?

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i am needing some help with colour scheme/chapter selection for a rather special little project i am about to embark upon. I am going to make my first 'artscale' or 'true scale' space marine, i have been inspired by the work of 'Lamenter' and 'Doghouse' two sculpters that i would be happy to be half as talented as!! I stongly suggest those that are not familiar click on their links and take the time to view their work!!

    Thus i am shamlessly stealing an idea from Doghouse to field a singular marine in my Imperial Guard force under the rules and profile of Colonel 'iron hand' Straken. And as doghouse quite correctly states, this is a nicely themed and probably more accurate way of fielding a marine in a guard force. My Guard army are Elysians and can be found here:

    So with this in mind i intend to create an artscale marine with the same wargear as Straken, plasma pistol and shotgun, i will then either use bionics to correct convey his rules or i will give him a power sword to the same effect. If i do decide to go along the bionics route i will be looking at creating some thing along the lines of the work of 'beork'

    What i need help with is selecting a suitable Marine Colour Scheme / Chapter for the lone marine.

    The way i see it there are 2 schools of thought in selecting a theme, either:
    1. Colour scheme based decision (ant chapter possible)
    2. Fluff based decision (pick a chapter that would likely have lone operatives in the field).

    I hope that this makes sense and i look forward to seeing what people come up with Thanks in advance for any help and ideas
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