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Thread: Harad Fluff Questions.

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    Harad Fluff Questions.


    1. How did Suladan aquire the Karharil blade? I faintly recall it being in the possession of one of the Lords of Umbar at one point, but nothing else.

    2. What was the full story of Kharid Drozhna? Which WD UK issues can I find him in?

    3. Long ago in BoPF, in the Striking Serpent campaign, there were four named chieftains; Raza, Gutharic, Murakir, and Hagraz. Were they ever discussed or expanded upon anywhere?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Harad Fluff Questions.

    1. this is actually gw fluff. you should be able to find everything about it in the harad army book.

    2. I have no idea who that is, but once again this would appear to be gw fluff

    3. i'd say not. likely these are just names gw created based on existing names. that or they are names mentioned a single time by Tolkien.

    Alot of the harad fluff within the game is gw created, s generally asking for it wont get you overly far. the background sections of most every lotr war gaming site i've seen have been more geared towards what Tolkien wrote rather then what gw created
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    Re: Harad Fluff Questions.

    Here is a link of Tolkein based Harad information, there doesn't seem to be anything on the Haradwaith beyond the "serpent lord". Incidently check out the picture of the Haradrim King at the bottom of the page, why couldn't GW give us a sculpt like that!

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