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2nd edition memories!

My Warp Spiders becoming expert open top vehicle killers. We may have misunderstood the rules but I would take special care to web any incoming landspeeders so the crew couldn’t evade from their cockpit positions

I enjoyed it for what limited games I played
That sounds about right. Template weapons used against any confined space did horrific damage. Which is quite appropriate.

One of the often-overlooked points about 2nd is that it was by far the most realistic (and therefore intuitive) of all GW's games. While the close combat system was clunky (unless you follow the link to my streamlined procedure!) it was more balanced and realistic than the one used in WHFB during the Herohammer era.

The problem with 2nd was that it had too much detail for a platoon-sized game. However, if you strip the needless dice rolling (scatter for jump packs every time they move???) you get a very gritty and exciting game.

You also get a very tactically challenging one. GW's design team at that time was clearly thinking of squad-level miniatures and wargaming. They already had Fantasy, which was all about melees, so 40k became about shooting.

Guess what? If you don't use cover, shooting will kill you. Even superlative armor (and Terminators had it!) won't save you forever.

At the same time, GW preserved the truth that melee combat is more decisive. Each army had some sort of melee specialist, but obviously some were better at it than others. That kept things interesting.

Finally there was the best game balance GW ever achieved. No, they didn't suddenly figure out how to do the points correctly, they simply made everything on the board really deadly. This was the game where tactics truly trumped army selection.

I remember during 3rd/4th or thereabouts someone shared a comic where to players were about to play a game of 40k and all the one had to do was say what was in his army and the other one conceded the game. It was funny because it was true!

In 2nd there were so many ways you could kill things (including your tank flipping onto the enemy).

Of course you got massacres as well, but those were often quite funny because of the detail in the game. My friends still laugh over a game where the Nids absolutely massacred some Space Marines and only a single Terminator was alive on the last turn.

Going for the clean sweep, the Nids surrounded the guy with genestealers and then had the Hive Tyrant fire the Venom Cannon for good measure. (You could fire into melees in those wonderful old days )

The Tyrant missed and the shot scattered onto one of the Genestealers, and then the template curved neatly around the lone Marine, killing all the Genestealers! It was too perfect.