Jprp, why are you threadomancing like a maniac?

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The LotR fandom is the only fandom I know to be ranting and raving because it got a trio of high-budget, critically acclaimed, award winning movies. Other fandoms would kill for movies of their quality, but have to do with legitimately terrible ones, or none at all.
I'll continue to contend that critical acclaim and awards are the result of Weta and residual Tolkien peeking through 'Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings'. Let's have a trio of high-budget films that's a bit more faithful to the books and see the grumbling die back considerably. (faithful, not as in, 'include every song and spend hours on Tom Bombadil', but as is 'no Lurtz, no dwarf-tossing, no propping up Liv 'woody wooden wood' Tyler's stillborn career, no cheap-ass camera-twirling Watcher effects, no introduction of Treebeard and Faramir as uncaring jerks, no bad-daddy-Elrond subplot shoehorned in, no Legolas sk8er-boi tricks, no green ghosts doing all the work on the Pelennor field, no wargs that look like surly sheep, no over-the-top antics and utter lack of subtlety that is 'Pyjamas' wont, and so on, and so on.)