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DA Armoury
Terminator Armour…
Lion Helm*…………
Book of Salvation*…
Blades of Reason*….
Cup of Retribution*...
Std of Devastation*.
Std of Fortitude*….
Std of Retribution*.
Space Marine Bike…
Ravenwing Bike……
Imperialis sword*...FREE
Terminator Honours..

One Handed Weapons
Obsidian Blade*…..
Power Weapon*........
Power Sword*………

Dark Angel Special Rules

Hunting the Fallen
The Dark angels constantly hunt the fallen angels across the galaxy. Their honour will only be satisfied once all of them are killed or, even better, forced to repent. Members of the Deathwing will always hit fallen angels on 3+ but since they know the fate that awaits them, the fallen will hit all Deathwing members on a 3+.
The Dark angels are much more Xenos-phobic than other chapters. Dark angels always count as enemy units for the purposes of regrouping (I.e. Xenos troops cannot roll to rally within 6” of a Dark Angels unit) even if they are fighting on the same side and Dark Angels within 6” of any friendly Xenos unit lose the intractable rule (They would rather retreat to a place where there are no alien scum). Designers note: These rules are intended only for multiplayer games.
In addition Dark angels often refuse to cooperate with Inquisitorial and other imperial forces. No allies may be taken from these lists.

Blood Feud
The Dark Angels, in their long history, have angered and been angered by many other institutions, chapters and foes but none more so than the Space Wolves. The Dark Angels work alongside the Space Wolves and will fight with them for the emperor but often the two sides often eventually come to blows. Dark Angels hit Space Wolves on 3+ in assault.

Ravenwing members train every day to be the most highly skilled recon force in the galaxy. Due to this a number of special Rules apply:
Expert Riders: Ravenwing may always re-roll any difficult terrain test.
Jink: Ravenwing riders are trained to swerve out of the way of incoming fire as they approach the enemy due to this they receive a save depending on how far they moved:

Up to 6” 6+ Cover Save
Over 6” 5+ Cover Save
Over 12” 4+ Cover Save

Skid Turn: Ravenwing drivers are experts at “Skid turning” their bikes (The name stuck, even for land speeder pilots!). Whenever a Ravenwing model is assaulted, it may make a difficult terrain test. If it fails it is removed as a casualty. If it succeeds it is moved D6” away from the enemy. If this moves it out of charge range then the charge fails. This cannot be done if the model is already engaged.

Lore of the Primarch
Lion El Jonson was known as the greatest strategic planner ever to fight for the Imperium. Much of his genius is passed on in his seed to the greatest commanders of the Dark Angels. If a force has a model with this rule it has strategy rating 4. In addition you may add +1 to see who gets the first turn.

Psychic Powers
Fear of the Darkness (As C: SM)
Storm of the Emperors Wrath (As C: SM) Cost: +0 points/+15 points
Might of Heroes (As C: SM) Cost: As Marine Codex
Veil of Time (As C: SM) Cost As Marine Codex
Discern Weakness Cost: +10 points/+30 points (Use at the beginning of the assault phase. If the unit wins the round of combat the enemy breaks automatically)
Lions Pride Cost: +10 points/+30 points (Having this power allows you to re-position any one deployment after rolling for first turn. You must still obey all deployment rules.)

Veteran Skills
The Deathwing are the greatest terminator company in the Imperium. They know many skills long forgotten by other chapters or that they gain as a heritage of the Lions seed.

Lions’ Reflexes
El Jonson was well known for his speed and agility, indeed it was this trait that allowed him to best ‘russ even though the wolf was by far the stronger and the most skilled.
If a unit with this skill has the same initiative value as their opponents then they will strike first UNLESS both have initiative 10.

Tactical Acumen
This squad has inherited some of the primarchs legendary strategic foresight.
This unit has the scouts USR with the additional restriction that they cannot use the skill to leave their deployment zone.

Fallen Foe
This squad has frequently been deployed to hunt down and capture the fallen. They have learned well how to defeat their former brothers.
The Squad has the favoured enemy USR against Space Marines. This includes all troops from Codex: Space marines and the chapter codexes except Servitors, All Grey Knights from Codex: Daemon hunters, All Death-watch Space marines and all chaos Space Marines. It also works on any other troops listed as space marines.

Covering Fire
This skill is learned by Deathwing Terminators with Heavy Flamers, it allows them to be fired at a different target to the rest of the squad. It has no effect on other weapons.