So what was your favorite part of the movies, 1 for each if you please.

Fellowship of the Ring:
Probably when they are running through the great underground hall and goblins are pouring out like ants, chasing them like a million hungry predators.
It just feels so intense and how hopeless the situation is looking.

Twin Towers:
Definately the fall of Isengard, the Ents getting their own against the orcs kinda to me symbolises nature getting back at careless industry.
Go nature.

Return of the King:
Definately that silence right before the first Mumak swings its tusks.
Yes theres music but then time slows down as these titanic tusks come flying and the sickening crunch as all those horsemen feel the impact.

either that or.

"You are soldiers of Gondor no matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground"

enter about 10 trolls

Gandalf looks like he just crapped his pants.