I was talking to someone who may or may not be in the know today, who told me a very interesting rumour about the Dark Eldar.

Apparently the ENTIRE range has been redone - completely new models for everything.

Yep, that's right, done. Past-tense. From what I was told Games Workshop are waiting for the right time to release them for a twofold reason:

1). The release is so massive that it would dominate the sales schedules for 2-3 months - so nothing other than Dark Eldar and a few bits and bobs for 2-3 months - you have to admit that presents a huge risk for GW.

2). They don't know if the range will sell. Because there are very few people playing Dark Eldar now they don't know if it would be worth all the additional costs of producing the sprues - time tying up the casting machines, etc - distribution costs and so forth. That would be a huge loss if no one bought them. Considering the current economic climate, could GW really afford to take such a huge risk?

Can Hastings or someone else in the know confirm this? Or at least offer another view on it?