This is the number 1 business flaw.

You go to a GW store because you want a model right away. You get to the store and find they don't have it. You are the clerk about it and he says "Well you can't get those in stores any more. However I could place an order for you, it will be here in 2 or 3 weeks".

So why can't I get that in store?

Not enough display space? I've never been in a GW store that used even 10% of their possible space.

Not popular enough to take the risk on stocking? Well I am here looking for at least 1 unit. Is it really that much of risk to make sure your own stores has 1 unit of every item? They are bound to sell eventually and GW clearly doesn't require case shipments so they could order at the unit level. Not to mention you are way more likely to sell something if you have it in stock.

So when all is said and done most of the time I just do an online order from a discounter because they get it to me faster. Oddly these shops have more confidence in stocking the products that GW does.