Hi all,

Well, as some of you may or may not have noticed, I've been neglecting my poor Bogenhafeners recently. This is mainly down to 2 things:

1 - Work.
2 - Warmachine.

Yes, after finally getting fed up with GW and their relentless price hikes along with a general annoyance with their apparent lack of care for the community in general (I mean, the fact that they call wargaming "The Games Workshop Hobby" is really starting to make me a little sick and their recent slander of all online retailers is just unforgivable), I finally decided to try something new.

My Bro and I picked up a few battleboxes and after half a dozen games I can safely say I'm hooked (even though I've lost most of those games). I went for Khador as I love the communist Russian overtones and their heavy warjacks are just awesome.

Enough chatter and on with the pics I suppose.

Here's my first 2 miniatures. A Juggernaut and a Destroyer from the Khador battlebox. These really are some stunning miniatures and were a blast to paint (and are the first things I ever painted in red... ever). Just waiting to find some nice gauge wire to make some sweet barbed wire to go on the posts on their bases.

More coming soon including a Kodiak, The Butcher and Sorscha.