The other night I played a few 500 point games with some friends. I was running:

Exhalted on Juggernaut
12 warriors of nurgle
10 marauders of slaanesh
5 warhounds

My opponent ran:

HE noble
10 archers
7 white lions
lion chariot
bolt thrower

During the game there came a crucial phase where I carefully screened my warriors from his relatively abundant (for 500 points, anyway) missile fire using my marauders. In his shooting phase he knocked off a couple marauder with the archers- just enough to allow the bolt thrower line of sight to my warriors. He shot the warriors with the bolt thrower, killing 3 of them. They failed their subsequent panic test (twice ) and fled, effectively putting them out of the small battle.

I lost the game, but it got me thinking- what if all targeting for shooting was declared at the beginning of the shooting phase? Rather than shooting units firing one at a time at whatever the best target is, they would have to all select where they will shoot without knowing how successful each unit will be. It would make sense, as it seems kind of silly for shooting units to be able to pick their targets based on the success of their allies. This would drastically reduce the number of gunline armies, and make expensive CC units with little in the way of defense against shooting more viable.

I'm obviously biased, as I'm tired of my 18 point warriors getting gunned down because of my opponent's absurdly patient war machines. Thoughts?