Myself and several friends were talking about our growing distaste for 40k, mainly stemming from the CSM codex, 5th ed, and the new Tyranid codex.

We all went from playing roughly 9 games a week back in mid 4th ed, to playing about 1 game every 2 months currently on average. (one of use simply no longer plays)

We were discussing our various options, from switching to another game (Warmachine was one idea), to simply giving up the game entirely. Since we all have a significant chunk of change invested in 40k and it's models, we are somewhat reluctant to utterly abandon the hobby.

So, the question was raised: What about 40k homebrew? I'm somewhat surprised that this is not a more common thing, since GW seems utterly opposed to living codices, timely FAQs, rules testing, etc.

So, would you give a 40k homebrew variant a try? I certainly would be curious to give it a go.