Why I stop playing dark elves.

I love dark elves. I love the miniatures, I love the fluff, I love the gaming style. I love them so much that they are the reason I pick up the hobby and my DE collection outdo my 40k and other fantasy collections combined. But sadly I have stop playing the army that I love to the core.

The reason?

While many would suspect that the Druchii’s power level is the reason for my “resignation”, it is only half the story. The truth is it’s other Druchii players. I have seen too many druchii players abusing the beautiful gift that was granted to them by Gav Thrope, the latest DE army book. Almost every list I see in D.net or warseer is a dragonlist or some double hydra nonsense or a combination or both. When I surf druchii.net, I no longer read about players brainstorming on ways to defeat their enemies in more innovative/creative ways (you gotta do that back in 6th ed when your list is so weak), now all I read about is “Take this, take that” or “what do i need to XXX”. It is true that the army is stronger but that does not mean that DE players should always go for the easy way out(by taking the broken stuff). Taking the easy way out make you win games very easily, but it also tend to spoil the fun of your opponent.

While one may argue that I should not be bothered on how other people play their games, the hard fact is that other Druchii players form impressions in the minds of other gamers who in turn project this image onto myself. I have always try to take friendlier lists, rarely taking a hydra myself (mainly because as a veteran DE player I know more than enough hydra slaying tricks). The last time I took a dragon was in 6th ed which I stopped after my very first try and realising how broken a dragon is against some armies. However whenever I win games, I was not given the credit but rather I was told that Dark Elves are cheesy. It is not that I want people to praise my “tactical prowess” (personally i doubt warhammer as a game could reveal one’s tactical fitnesse as there are many gamely, counter intuitive rules), but rather it is quite dampening when u end up criticised after each game because of the army you collected.

The impact is so bad that in the latest local tournament, dark elf armies are immediately penalised by comp scores...regardless of what the player fields.
Eventually, I made a decision to stop playing dark elves for the moment. The collection/painting aspect of the hobby has become more important anyway and while I will still continue to paint and do Dark Elven units, I doubt I will see them in the battlefield much till perhaps when the 8th edition arrives.

In the meantime, I am doing dwarves because they look nice.

Rant over.