Hi, being new to the 40K and the IG having switched from fantasy recently, I bought the IG codex soem weeks ago and after extensive reading and some attempts at building and army list, I was wondering whether the various options for IG squads are really worth it. After all, from what I gather (correct me if I'm wrong), they are pretty much throwaway troops that keep the enemy busy while your tanks do the real damage.

Take vox casters for instance, 10 points (considering you have to have them on both ends for them to work) to re-roll an order leadership test. I don't know how effective orders are, are they really worth the points, or are they better spent upgrading other things like vehicles or buying special weapons?

In my defence, I've never even played a single 40K game so I may be well off the mark, but it just seems to me that most of the upgrades for IG squads, while cheap, are a waste of points on squads that in the end don't count for much. Maybe I could go with it in large combined squads, but in 10 man squads, they seem a bit of a waste.