First of all, I'll have to admit, I'm just a Necron player who got rather cranky after knowing that Blood Angel is getting a new codex in April. But I'm also aware that this is not the place to whine about Necron/Dark Eldar/DH etc not getting new codex.

I, like many outdated army players, crave for a new codex, but many of us won't be getting it for quite a while to come. So I believe that GW should occasionally release official PDF similar to FAQs to twick or change the rules of the old codex to keep them up to date, no need for need fluffs, no need for new units, no need for complete new models, just an official word like "from now on Necrons have the rule Stubborn"...or something like this. Old codex are workable and generally fun to play, but some of them do have crippling weaknesses that severly limit their tactics on the field.

That's just my thought, any comments, do you guys think it's workable?