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Thread: Concerning Imperial Knights?

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    Cool Concerning Imperial Knights?

    I would like an education on the Imperial Knight, i have limited knowledge of them, knowing only that in mechanicum they are one man walkers / mini titans with a singular pilot, and they are 9meters tall.

    Mechanicum prologue, page 14
    "resemblnig a brutish mechanical humanoid some nine meters tall, Ares Lictor was a Paladine-class Knight, a one-man war machine of deep blue armour plates with a fearsome array of weaponary beyond the power of even the
    Terran Emperor's astartes."

    I am aware of the lexicanum article, but would like more / corrections on this.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: mechanicum extract added!

    P.S. i have put this in general as i would like to discuss background, rules, modelling and all aspects of the Imperial Knight.
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