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    New Minotaurs

    Is it just me or do the new minotaurs look as bad as the old ones?

    Firstly, they look really twisted and scrunched up, one of them has like a 25 pack and atleast 10 different muscles in his neck. Their faces are really scrunched up as if they have rolls on their head.

    Also the weapons look too small. You've got these massive over muscled bodies and then this tiny little club?

    Worst of all the hair. Its too neat, like they've shaved their chest so hair on grows in this nice shapely patch, it makes no sense and it looks awful.

    Now I think the new Doombull looks awesome, as all the unsightly features of the minotaurs are covered by armour.

    What do you guys think?

    Also are they making new centigors? Because they look just as bad IMO (the have feet!?!!?!?!?!)

    And I just look at the ungors and... they're fat!?, aren't ungors ment to be the speedy ninja beastmen? The smaller, weaker, more fragile, but much quicker version of Gors?
    Well these new ones have beer bellies and hunchbacks!

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