A little back story about me. I play 1 to 2 games of Warhammer a year. (Not by choice!) I live in Nashville and there aren't a lot of gamers here. I typically travel to Atlanta to play with friends around January, but other than that I spend my time painting/modeling (which I love) and hanging out on Warseer and enjoying the battle reports vicariously.

But, I have two friends up here where I live that I want to try to get into Warhammer. They are both nerds at heart, so initially I thought it would be a pretty easy sell, but the times I've mentioned the game around each of them respectively, they have shown no emotion.

What do you think the best way is to show them the game? I am thinking about just having the entire board set up with minis, terrain, dice, the whole nine yards, and inviting them over and forcing them to play. Cause in the past I've mentioned it, they didn't seem very interested, but its a complex game to try and explain to someone who knows NOTHING.

Does anyone have any advise bringing completely new players to the game?